Why Visiting Poland in May is Amazing

Poland is a wonderful destination any time of the year. But what’s better than wandering through lush green parks, listening to Chopin and indulging in the best pierogies in the world? It’s hard to beat, honestly, which is why we think you should visit Poland in May!

Poland is a large eastern European country and there are several must-see locations scattered about the country. If you visit in May, you’ll be welcomed with pleasant weather and friendly people, plus you’ll beat the bigger tourist crowds!

We’ve compiled some reasons why you should visit Poland in May. We’ll also direct you to some awesome things to do in different places. Regardless of when you visit, you’re going to love it. Our two weeks in Poland ended much too quickly but we’ll return again one day!

Why Poland in May is Amazing

Tourist Season is Just Starting Up

Poznan old town's colorful buildings

May is knocking on the door of peak tourist season and popular destinations like Italy, France and Spain are already experiencing the crazy crowds.

But what about Poland?

It’s not that bad! We visited in late May and never had a problem with queues or seas of people in town squares. Again, May is just on the brink of peak travel season. So what’s the real reason it’s not crowded? It’s not as popular as western Europe! We’re not sure why that’s true (Poland is amazing) but see for yourself, Poland doesn’t crack the top 10 most visited countries in Europe.

That’s a good thing! That means you can experience the lovely spring weather with some added peace and quiet.

Visiting Poland in May sounds good already, doesn’t it?

Beautiful Weather

Church in Torun Italy

As we’ve mentioned, the weather in Poland (on average) is perfect. High 60s or 70s (Fahrenheit) make for a superb day of exploring. However, nights will still get pretty cool, around or below 50 F.

So pack a light jacket or sweater for those cool evenings out but otherwise, just dress comfortably and soak in the wonderful weather!

Poland is Very Affordable

Is this one specific to the month of May? Nope! Poland is a budget travel destination all time of year. However, it’s hard to find such a tourist-friendly country to be so cheap in the warmer months.

For instance, Italy and France get pretty pricey in the summer! But Poland is always affordable. That said, if you stay in the dead center of Krakow or Warsaw then you probably won’t be experiencing much in the way of savings.

Is traveling affordable countries your thing? We’re pretty big fans of seeing (and eating) a lot for a little. Check out our list of cheap European destinations and plan your budget itinerary!

A Good Place for History

Mermaid statue in Warsaw Old Town

For those travelers who are interested in history, Poland is a gold mine of interesting things to see. Visiting in May makes for beautiful mornings and afternoons to seek out whatever you desire.

For instance, we visited Treblinka, the second largest death camp in Poland, and had the area almost completely to ourselves. Visiting in May made for great weather and less tourists; we were able to wander the memorial in silence and discover this thought-provoking place on our own.

Read up on visiting Treblinka from Warsaw for tips on how to get there, how much time to spend and what you need to see.

In addition to Treblinka, Poland is scattered with somber but important historical sites. See the remnants of Warsaw’s Jewish Ghetto, visit the memorial of the Warsaw Uprising, or visit Auschwitz near Krakow. There are plenty more historical sights to see, especially related to WWII, so if interested be sure to plan your trip around them. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Flowers are Blooming in Old Town

Who doesn’t love a touch of color with their walk through an old European town? Poland in May is bursting with color; strolling through old town, after a stop at the bakery of course, will be one of your best memories.

Most travelers hit the main cities like Warsaw and Krakow, or even Gdansk. But what about the smaller dots on the map? If you enjoy enchanting old towns then Poznan is a great option. It’s not only less visited by tourists than other cities in Poland, but it has one of the coolest old towns in Poland. It has undergone restoration, due to WWII, and it looks fantastic! Read up on things to do in Poznan and get the lowdown on where to find the best pastries!

However, Poznan is still a pretty big city. Looking for something a little more enchanting?

Torun, a must-visit for anyone in Poland, is a medieval gem packed with history and deliciousness. Read more about some things to do in Torun.

From gingerbread making to the house of Nicolaus Copernicus and a home to Teutonic Knights, Torun will thrill travelers. Need more reason to visit? Torun’s entire medieval town is a UNESCO site. There’s a lot to see here. And yes, this town is absolutely beautiful in May.

UNESCO Heritage Sites Look Great in the Spring

Speaking of UNESCO, Poland boasts 16 heritage sites. Get a complete list of these essential spots on the official UNESCO website.

Castles, historic centers, Auschwitz, and much more make quite an impressive UNESCO list. Travel around Poland and feast your eyes on some lush, green country and see these protected gems along the way.

Lody in the Park

Ice Cream Cone while strolling through a park in Warsaw, Poland in May

Ice cream, anyone? No, this isn’t gelato. This is lody, aka Polish ice cream.

It’s amazing. It’s cheap. It’s perfect in May. Poland’s parks and ice cream create the perfect formula. Nature is blooming, it’s warm, and lody hits the spot.

What parks should you check out?

It depends on where you are, of course, but we’ll list a few of our favorites for reference. You can get lody in the park! The best park? Łazienki Park in Warsaw or Park Cytadela (Citadel Park) in Poznan. If you visit either of these, please let us know so we can vicariously live through you! These places were some of our favorite memories in Europe!

Warsaw is Calling

Warsaw Old Town with a small crowd

Again, Poland is fun to visit at any time of year. That’s especially true for Warsaw, which is a cultural masterpiece. Somewhere between its dark, tumultuous past and its present day delight lies a city you need to discover. Warsaw is bursting with modernism yet it also has one of the best restored old towns you can see in Europe. Seriously, you would think the market square was the original deal.

Like the rest of Poland, our time in Warsaw ended too soon. Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, finding your family’s heritage, or just traveling with eyes wide open, Warsaw will not disappoint. Check out some unforgettable things to do in Warsaw!

Of course, no trip to Poland is complete without paying homage to one of the most beloved Poles of all time: Frederic Chopin. Enjoy a budget-friendly concert where Chopin played as a teenager. If this Romantic Period genius is of interest to you, read our guide on Chopin in Warsaw!

Polish Holidays in May

Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw

Holidays are a great time to travel! Unless that holiday means everything in your destination is closed. So we’ve listed some holidays below that you should take note of. You can plan your trip around some of these for some added fun.

May 1:  May Day/Labor Day (some closures)

May 3:  Constitution Day (Swieto Trzeciego Maja, celebrates Europe’s first constitution; street fairs)

May 29–31:  Wrocław Good Beer Festival

May 31:  Pentecost (closures)

May 31–June 7:  Kraków Film Festival

Summary of Visiting Poland in May

We hope we’ve convinced you of how awesome traveling to Poland in May can be. However, we sincerely hope we’ve piqued your interest in Poland in general. It’s one of the most underrated countries in Europe, in our opinion.

If you have any questions about visiting please comment or contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Travels!

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