Things to Do in Poznań, Poland

Poznań, Poland, is a unique and colorful destination and we’re so happy to have visited. From a delicious croissant to a well-restored Old Town, there are a lot of factors that make this city special. Below we talk about some awesome things to do in Poznań plus some food to try. Let us know if you visit!

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Poznań Free Walking Tour

First up on our list of things to do is, of course, a walking tour! In Poland, we highly recommend using Walkative for your free walking tour needs. From Poznań to Warsaw to Krakow and several other cities in Poland, these guys are an amazing tour group. Be sure to use them while in Poznań for an informative and fun couple of hours!

Poznań Old Town

Poznan Old Town square

You wouldn’t be able to notice it today but Poznań was heavily damaged by WW2. They’ve done an outstanding job of restoring Old Town to its original glory. Poland seems to have a knack for that as Warsaw was also restored in fantastic fashion. You’ll find the Old Town Hall, museums, restaurants, and all the bustle of Poznań in this lovely Old Town.

Old Town Hall

Goats fighting on the old town hall in Poznan

Be sure to hang out around noon at the Old Town Hall in Poznań. A couple of goats will make an entrance out of the clock tower and knock their heads against each other. It’s quite a quirky and entertaining event that makes the Old Town Hall unique. There are several legends behind the meaning of the goats so go on a walking tour to hear the great stories behind them!

St. Martin Croissant

St. Martin's Croissant

The gem of this region of Poland, the St. Martin Croissant is a delectable and calorie-packed dessert. Ignore the part about calories and treat yourself to one of these monstrous croissants. You will not be disappointed! Try Poznan’s local specialty by eating a St. Martin Croissant (or maybe more), one of the best things to do in Poznań!

Hanna Piskorska Cukiernia is a good place to get it. It’s located in Old Town so it’s easy to get to.

Besides St. Martin Croissants, there is such a wide selection of sweets that we felt compelled to try more. Donuts packed with jam and croissants of all flavors. Buy a few and head to Park Cytadela!

Park Cytadela

Bell in Park Cytadela

Park Cytadela is massive (around 250 acres) and the most peaceful place in Poznan! From open fields to dense woods, Park Cytadela is the perfect place to go to relax for an afternoon. Not only will you find nature, but there are plenty of monuments for you to appreciate, as well as ice cream! Look for a cafe called Umberto within Park Cytadela. You can find beer, ice cream, or even a full meal. Nearby are some hammocks and some chairs to hang out and shoot the breeze.

Umberto cafe in Park Cytadela

Poznań Cathedral – Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul

Basilica of St Peter and St Paul in Poznan

Poznań Cathedral is the oldest church in Poznań and dates back to the 10th century. It’s also where the first ruler and king of Poland are buried. That’s old! Granted, the church has been modified over the years, but free entry and the fact that it’s technically on an island are even more reasons to go!

There are some exhibits inside the church that require an entry fee but general entry is free. Make sure you have some zloty coins on you so that you can light up the golden chapel.

Walk Along the Warta River

Tree lined path in park along the Warta River in Poznan

The Warta River has a long history of flooding Old Town Poznań. But today this river sits far enough away from Old Town and provides a lovely walk for visitors. Not only do parks and restaurants run alongside the Warta, but it makes a small island. This island is where you can find the Poznań Cathedral.

Eat Potatoes!

Potato pancakes smothered in a cheesy garlic sauce

Potatoes are awesome in Poznan! All of Poland, really. We were told by our guide that potatoes are so cherished that there’s a Potato statue nearby Poznań. It’s really just a rock so we never made a visit. The point is that potatoes are so delicious here. Order potato pancakes drizzled with paprika chicken with garlic and cheese sauce to see for yourself! 

Fara Poznania – Baroque Beauty in Old Town

Fara Poznania from the street

This beautiful church dates back to the 17th century and is laden with marble and gold. It turns out, according to our tour guide, that it isn’t actually marble and gold. However, we would never have noticed. It’s free to enter and definitely deserves a visit while you’re in Old Town Poznań. 

The inside of Fara Poznania in Poznan

Chopin Park

Bust of Chopin in Chopin Park in Poznan

It wouldn’t be Poland without some Chopin! While Chopin has a much bigger presence in Warsaw, homage is still paid in the smaller city of Poznań. See a bust of Chopin and wander around this small and peaceful park right near Old Town!

Lody, lody, lody!

Ice cream or "lody" in warsaw, Poland

Ice cream! Lody is Polish for ice cream and you will see a sign for it practically everywhere you look. During the warmer season, at least. Be sure to indulge during your visit to Park Cytadela or when waltzing around Old Town. It’s so cheap and makes sightseeing that much more delicious!

Summary of Things to Do in Poznań

While Poznań isn’t as widely visited as Krakow or Warsaw, there’s still a uniqueness to this Polish city that makes it a treat to visit. We hope you find our guide for things to do useful for your stay in Poznań.

If you’re traveling around Poland and heading to Warsaw (you should!) then read about what to do in Warsaw!

Happy travels!

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Something I love about places like this in Europe is the pastel coloured buildings. The St. Martin Croissant also looks mouth-wateringly delicious. Thanks for sharing.