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Our plan was to move abroad to Taiwan and teach English as expats. Those plans quickly changed and now we’re traveling online English teachers. But even if plans our hadn’t changed and we’d stayed in Taiwan to teach English, we had brought too much baggage on our journey! Luckily there’s a company out there to help with mistake-prone wanderers like us. MyBaggage (formerly Unibaggage) was the only cost effective way we could find to ship our luggage home from Taipei, Taiwan, back to the USA. MyBaggage was a really great experience and we’d like to give our review!

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There’s A LOT that goes into the expat life. While our expat time was shortened to just 3 months in Taiwan instead of 12, we still learned some invaluable lessons about moving to a new country. Check out our post on expat’s guide to Taipei for some details that go into moving to a new place!

Why Do You Need to Ship Luggage Home?

For all the expats out there or the soon-to-be expats, have you ever made a mistake? We’ve made plenty…especially with packing. Luggage, luggage, and more luggage. What do you bring with you on your move abroad? How many suitcases? What essentials are actually essential for an expat adventure? The questions are endless! In our case, we brought way too much of everything. 

3 suitcases, 3 backpacks, and a keyboard piano case

How do you downsize all of this into a few backpacks? We’re talking a full-size keyboard piano and way too much crap stuffed into way too many suitcases. Some serious finagling, that’s how. And using MyBaggage, of course!

MyBaggage Review in a Nutshell

Postal carriers were going to charge us an arm and a leg to ship luggage home. UPS, FedEX, some we’ve never even heard of, all charging over $1000! But with MyBaggage (Unibaggage) we were able to get that cost down to around $500. That was a huge game changer for us! We were getting settled in Taipei, jobless and searching for online teaching gigs, all the while having too much luggage on our hands and not sure what to do about it.

Overstuffed suitcase

MyBaggage has a super user friendly website where you simply enter the weight and dimensions of your luggage and set a pickup and delivery time.

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Granted, when you’re in a foreign country where English isn’t widely spoken it’s a little harder. But service came, collected, and shipped our luggage safely home! All in all, a perfect experience with MyBaggage and one that we highly recommend to all expats or students out there who are abroad and need to send their stuff home or to a new address.

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If you haven’t made the move abroad yet, be careful that you don’t over pack! But MyBaggage has your back if you make the same mistake we did! We hope this review of MyBaggage has confirmed that they’re one of the best and most affordable companies for shipping abroad.

You can save an additional $10 by using the code DARAH8785 or clicking on the banner ad above.

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Happy travels (and packing)!

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Are you abroad and need to ship luggage home? We give an honest review of MyBaggage (UniBaggage) and tell you how to ship home all the excess from abroad!

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