12 Healthy Travel Snacks: Yummy Bites for Travel

Whether you’re in the air or on the road, eating healthy while traveling is important. Travel can sometimes, unfortunately, become stressful so we need to make sure our body is up to par. Instead of going for that McDonald’s while waiting in the airport or driving through that In-n-Out Burger on your road trip (it’s so hard to say no), try planning some healthy snacks before you travel. You’ll feel better and most importantly, you’ll be ready to splurge on the food in your travel destination. Food is, after all, the reason to travel.

Eating is just part of the game. Check out our other travel tips for some handy dandy info on making travel awesome.

Trail Mix

Healthy Travel Snacks: trail mix

To us, trail mix is synonymous with road trips or hiking so it follows that it’s great for any type of travels. It’s a power-packed snack with protein and fiber and the raisins help satisfy the sweet tooth in you. A few handfuls of this stuff goes a long way.

Fresh Fruit

Healthy Travel Snacks: apple, banana, and clementines

Apples and bananas are always great choices. But there are also smaller oranges, clementines, which make for the perfect snack and give you that important vitamin C! Don’t forget about cranberries, blueberries, strawberries…the list is endless!

If traveling internationally, fresh fruit will be prohibited so try to look for some dried fruit. It’s sold in most airports but save money and buy it beforehand at your local grocer!

String Cheese/Cheese Wheels

Eat cheese as a healthy travel snack

A favorite from when we were kids, not much has changed. String cheese or cheese wheels are a staple in our household and even more so while we’re traveling. They’re not bad dipped in something either, which leads us to our next item.


Healthy Travel Snacks: Hummus

Good for digestion and a fighter of inflammation, the more hummus in your life the better. There are so many varieties out there so make sure to find the right one that’s healthy and favorable toward your taste buds!


Carrots are one of the best healthy snacks for travel

Vegetables need a little love in the travel snack category. So let’s give them some! Carrots are a fantastic travel snack. Try buying baby carrots or some carrot sticks to dip in that yummy hummus. Besides all the fiber and vitamin K, carrots are slow to raise blood pressure, which makes it a good snack for diabetics.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are one of the tastiest healthy travel snacks

One of the best dried snacks you can consume, granola bars are on everyone’s healthy travel snacks list. But please, do take caution before you throw some in your shopping cart. The options for granola bars are endless. Therefore, lots of sugar has found its way into the granola bar world. We recommend going for as little sugar as possible; let the fruits in your life take care of that sugar for you, not granola bars.


Healthy Travel Snacks: pistachios

If you still haven’t had your fill of nuts after some trail mix, or if you’re just nuts for nuts (yeah, we said it), then pistachios are the best way to go. Loaded with the good fat and tons of benefits, pistachios are one of the best healthy snacks for travel. These do, however, tend to be a more expensive item so we recommend going to your local grocer and loading up in the bulk section to save some money.

Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins

Healthy Travel Snacks: dark chocolate covered raisins

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Dark chocolate is a healthy snack but let’s not kid ourselves. Dark chocolate should be eaten in moderation. That said, why not get the best of both worlds and add the fiber from some raisins to the mix? Fiber helps keep you fuller longer, making dark chocolate covered raisins one of the tastiest healthy snacks for travel.

Homemade Sandwich/Pita

Healthy Travel Snacks: Pita Sandwich

Easily created before you leave, pack a few sandwiches in your bag on some whole wheat bread or pita. You can really get creative here but keep a close eye on what you’re stacking on the bread. If going for a PB&J we recommend skipping the J (jelly), as it’s loaded with sugar. Try slicing up some banana or subbing peanut butter with almond butter instead.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a protein-packed healthy travel snack

We’re not talking about the overpriced preservative-filled junk from the gas station. Although that stuff is really good, let’s be real. Look for some lean, as little processed as you can find, beef jerky. The protein in this tasty travel snack is very beneficial!


Healthy Travel Snacks: Grapes

Grapes are a fruit and we mentioned that earlier. However, grapes need their own paragraph because they’re so versatile and most importantly, healthy! Who says these little bites of vitamin C and K can’t go with some cheese? Some hummus? Yogurt? Maybe even nuts? Grapes are the perfect addition to any snack. Their health benefits mixed with their little bit of sweet makes them a contender for one of the best healthy travel snacks.


Drink water with your healthy travel snacks

Last but most definitely not least, good ol’ H2O. We know, it’s technically not a snack. If you’re hungry, water isn’t going to do the trick, but it needs to be part of your travels. Staying hydrated means staying healthy and water is your best friend in that regard. Skip the huge coke while on the road trip and say no to the free soda in the air. Your body will thank you.

Summary of Healthy Travel Snacks

These are some of our favorite healthy snacks for travel. Yes, there are many more travel snacks out there but hopefully this list has given you some ideas on how to be healthy while traveling. Being healthy during those little in between snacks means we have more room to splurge on that big authentic Italian dinner in Rome, right?

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