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The Essential Guide to Italy on a Budget

A beautiful view of the Cathedral in Cefalu and the buildings surrounding it

Italy is consistently near the top of the world’s most traveled places and rightfully so. There are plenty of ways to see the country, whether it’s a tour of Rome or soaking in the sun on a sandy, Sicilian beach. Whichever mode you choose, seeing Italy on a budget is very possible! There are a […]

Amsterdam on a Budget: Everything You Should Know for Your Visit

Amsterdam canal and bridge as the sun sets

When people ask us about cheap destinations in Europe, Amsterdam isn’t the first place that comes to mind. While it’s true that a lot of things, like accommodation and attractions, are on the expensive side in the Dutch capital, it’s still possible to visit Amsterdam on a budget and have a memorable stay. Yes, Amsterdam […]

How to Plan a Budget USA Road Trip: The Complete Guide

There’s nothing quite like traveling the open road. This is especially true in the United States, where national parks (state parks, too) are plentiful and magnificent. The best part about the US is how easy and budget-friendly it is to road trip. Of course, planning a road trip depends heavily on your route. Regardless of […]

The Pros and Cons of Being an Airbnb Guest

Have you ever heard of Airbnb before? Of course you have! With around 150 million users, Airbnb has soared in popularity in recent years for travelers and even businesses. We’ve been traveling abroad for more than a year and have stayed in countless Airbnbs. We love this service but it’s by no means perfect. That’s […]

TrustedHousesitters Review: Our Tips and Experience

Travelers looking for unconventional means of travel, whether to save money or to have a unique experience, have come to the right place! TrustedHousesitters offers a very special way to see the world and one that we gladly recommend you to try for yourself. You get to meet locals in your destination (your hosts), perhaps […]

6 Smart Ways to Travel With Money

Unfortunately, for all those travel seekers out there, money has the power to make or break a trip. If all goes smoothly, the holiday is a breeze and we’re in a hurry to tell everyone back home how awesome it was. On the other hand, if we make some serious money mistakes while traveling then […]

Using Google to Find Cheap Flights and Save You Money!

Cheap flights aren’t always easy to find. You want to get the best deal possible and with a plethora of tools at your fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Subscription services, travel agencies, they’re all fine and dandy but what about Google Flights? It’s a free service that just takes a little time and research. […]

Cheapest Way to Travel: Trusted Housesitters

Have you ever heard of Trusted Housesitters? If not then hear ye hear ye, traveling friends! It’s a great way to stay in a destination for free and fill any pet-shaped hole in your heart. Free housing is the cheapest way to travel, after all. We were recently offered a handful of pet sitting opportunities […]

Best Ways to Find Cheap Flights: 3 Simple Tools!

The biggest obstacle that stands in the way of people going out and seeing the world is the cost of doing it. That cost is mainly attributed to flights. Domestic or international, flights can be quite expensive and finding a cheap ticket just sounds like hard work to most. While some work is required, it’s […]

Traveling on a Budget: Save Money and See the World

You’re sitting at your desk and thinking of that perfect vacation…. Or like we were, you’re sitting at your desk and thinking of making the move abroad. Sounds like an adventure! (And a little scary). Whether your trip is ten days or ten months, let’s talk about some serious ways how you can start traveling […]