Exploring Devín Castle: Ruins With a Story to Tell

Exploring Devín Castle: Ruins With a Story to Tell

Devín Castle is a wonder of its own. It comes as no surprise that it’s one of the main attractions in Bratislava, even though it’s a little outside of the city. Make no mistake, a visit to Bratislava should always include Devín Castle in the itinerary.
Below are some of our favorite pictures from our day at Devín Castle. Its rich history and beautiful scenery make it a special place. With Austria in plain sight across the Danube, enjoy the wonderful views this castle has to offer.
If you’re looking for other things to do in Bratislava, Slovakia, then read our post on things to do in Bratislava. It’s a very underrated city with amazing food and cheap beer.

Background and Beautiful Pictures of Devín Castle

Devín is now in ruins. Napoleon set off explosives under the castle during his retreat in the early 1800s. His reasoning for doing so is unknown.

Devin Castle watchtower

Devín Castle is built on a historically rich plot. Settlements in this area trace back to the Neolithic Age. The Celts and Romans also settled here and it seems to have always been thought of as a strategic location. One can see why it would be considered strategically important. It borders two rivers, the Danube and the Morava, where they intersect. It also provides a great view of the surrounding area, making it advantageous.

Devin Castle near Bratislava

Gated doorway in Devin Castle

Devin Castle's ruins contain few windows left

The pictures above and below provide a spectacular view of Austria as well as the Danube itself.

Devin Castle tower overlooking the Danube river

birds flying by Devin Castle

Statue standing on Devin Castle grounds

Danube river

Gate in a wall surrounding Devin castle

Birds sitting on Devin Castle's wall

Summary for Devin Castle

We hope you enjoyed these pictures of Devín Castle and they’ll inspire you to see it for yourself. Bratislava is a treasure waiting to be found. Being so close to major cities like Vienna and Budapest, make sure to stop in Bratislava during your travels. You won’t regret it!
For the food seekers out there, read our post on the best restaurants in Bratislava. Bring an empty stomach because this food is hearty!
Happy travels!

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The Devín Castle ruins are a must-see in Bratislava. With history dating back to the Neolithc Age, thousands of years of history wait for you to explore.

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