5 Delicious Bratislava Restaurants You Must Try

From the castles and ornate churches to its magnificent Old Town, Bratislava, Slovakia, is beckoning you to explore it. Oh, and the food in Bratislava is amazing! Slovakian cuisine is very hearty and serves as a great finisher to a day of sightseeing. In this post we mention some of our favorite restaurants in Bratislava that we experienced during our 48 hours in the city. We wish our stay could have been longer!

If you’re look for something to do besides eat then check out what we did during our 2 day stay in our post on things to do in Bratislava!

Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant

Bratislava Restaurants: traditional garlic soup in bread

One of the largest restaurants we’ve ever dined in, Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant is a must for hungry travelers. Besides all the meat, potatoes, and cheese you could dream of for a great price, their beer and medovina (honey wine) is also worth a try. Local tourism in Bratislava notes that this restaurant is one that every visitor should see. We agree!

Try the small dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon. If you’re vegetarian get it without the bacon or order the garlic soup in a bread bowl!

U Sedliaka

Goat cheese and sour cream dumplings are a must eat at restaurants in Bratislava

We thought that Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant was cheap, but then we tried U Sedliaka. This local gem is located in the midst of a busy tourist street but still offers really big portions of hearty Slovakian food for a great price. The interior has been said to look the same as it did during the communist era. Eat at U Sedliaka for a real Slovakian restaurant experience in Bratislava.

Our dinner consisted of potato dumplings filled with sheep cheese, bacon, and sour cream, like a Slovak version of a pierogi. We also had small dumplings with sheep cheese (there it is again!) and sausage covered in onions. Hearty, hearty, hearty.

Bratislava Restaurants: small dumplings with sheep cheese sausage and onion at U Sedliaka

Cafe Mondieu

Bratislava Restaurants: croissant smothered in chocolate at Cafe Mondieu

Our 48 hours in Bratislava were going by quick but we couldn’t start off on an empty stomach and honestly, our bodies needed a break from the hearty cuisine. Thankfully we found Cafe Mondieu, your breakfast destination in Bratislava.

Enjoy french toast with bacon for breakfast at one of the best restaurants in Bratislava

Located near the historical town hall in Old Town, Cafe Mondieu serves delicate deliciousness in the form of croissants, eggs, and colorful cocktails. A perfect spot for an espresso or a proper sit-down meal, Cafe Mondieu is one of our favorite restaurants in Bratislava.

Bratislava Restaurants: scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach at Cafe Mondieu

Funki Punki – Sweet and Savory Crepes in Bratislava

Bratislava Restaurants: crepe with poppy seed, honey, and cinnamon

You can find this crepe haven in Bratislava’s Old Town. From poppyseed to blue cheese and bacon, you have your choice of many sweet or savory crepes. Fortunately for us, winter was in full swing, which meant mulled wine! We tried mulled wine at the Budapest Christmas Market but nothing beats what we had at Funki Punki.

Bratislava Restaurants: mulled wine and Funki Punki

Cafe Verne

Try the goulash at Cafe Verne, one of the best restaurants in Bratislava

This restaurant is located in Hviezdoslav Square near the Slovak National Theater. Being in close proximity to the theater and other tourist attractions we were worried about the price. But alas, the portions were large and the prices reasonable. Seeing a pattern here?

We started off with the olive and cheese platter and finished up with the sauteed stroganoff and szeged goulash. So good!

Olives and cheese appetizer at one of the best restaurants in Bratislava
Have some hearty stroganoff at one many great restaurants in Bratislava

Cafe Verne takes you back in time. It’s like you’re in a cozy library but beer and food are allowed! By far the most unique interior of any restaurant we visited in Bratislava. There is also patio seating, which would make for a perfect evening in warmer weather.

Summary of Bratislava Restaurants

Having only 48 hours to explore Bratislava, we could eat at only so many restaurants. We’ve listed our favorites and are certain there are many more to try. With cheap food and beer and a lot to see, what more could you ask for? We were sad to leave this extraordinary city on the Danube but we are eager to return!

Happy travels!

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