Taipei 101 at dust seen from Elephant Mountain
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Elephant Mountain and the Best Views of Taipei 101: Hiking in Taiwan!

The most popular Taipei hike on the internet. We need to give our two cents on the Elephant Mountain hike. Read on for a detailed overview and awesome pics of Elephant Mountain in Taipei!

From Xiangshan Station (Red Line) take Exit 2 and head towards the park right outside the station. Follow the Xinyi Road to the end of Xiangshan park and turn left (Sanli Park will be on your right) and follow that road until it ends and turn right. The Elephant Mountain trail head will be just ahead on your left.

Trailhead for Elephant Mountain Hike

We began the climb at 17:20 (5:20 pm). Sunset was about 50 minutes away. To say it’s crowded is an understatement. We did go at sunset and we did expect a crowd. But we figured since it was a Monday and school was back in session that we’d have a little more luck. Can’t imagine what the crowds are like on a weekend sunset hike….

The crowds aside, this hike is a must. It’s all about that view. Prepare for the stairs that are, like every hike in Taipei it seems, straight up. It’s a burner but a short one. Just a quarter mile (400m) to the viewpoint you see in every picture. We sort of claimed a spot which gave us a decent view of Taipei 101 and the sunset.

Taipei 101 at dust seen from Elephant Mountain

The most popular spot of the night was a rock we like to call “photo rock”. The line started forming for pictures before we arrived and kept forming until around the time we descended. We’re sure it kept going long after we left. If you’re looking for a quieter, more relaxing experience, try to come in the morning or during the day.

A line forms for pictures on a rock at the top of the Elephant Mountain Hike in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei at Night

Awesome night view of Taipei 101 and surrounding buildings in Taipei, Taiwan

This picture is the sole reason we made this hike. And it was awesome! Once the sun had set and the crowds somewhat dispersed, we waited for some great spots to take night shots of Taipei. Our favorite spot was further up past the rocks and to the left where there is a half-covered platform. Here, there are flat railings for you to place your camera (if you don’t have a tripod) and get the perfect night shot of Taipei!

Interested in more views of Taipei? Try going to the Taipei 101 observatory! Don’t let a fear of heights deter you from this awesome experience!

Summary of Elephant Mountain and Best Views of Taipei 101

Overall, this hike was short and very sweet but if you’re looking for a little bit more distance in your hiking then we suggest pairing this hike with our Neihu hike. Make sure to check it out when in Taipei. Enjoy!

Have you hiked Elephant Mountain? Share your experience in the comments below!

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