8 Tasty Restaurants in Sanur, Bali: Budget Bites

Bali is a magical destination. From the huge waves of Kuta (see how we learned to surf), to the peaceful shores of Sanur, to the enchanting, somewhat hipster Ubud, Bali has a little of everything. Having spent an entire month on the island, we became well acquainted with many places. Sanur, however, quickly became one of our favorite places thanks to some amazing restaurants. Below we list some of our favorite food in Sanur, Bali.Enjoy!

Please note the below list of restaurants is budget-friendly. We usually travel with a budget in mind and like to find affordable gems like these. Looking for more awesome eats in Bali? We’ve got you covered in our perfect day trip to Ubud, where you’ll not only eat well, but you’ll also enjoy the best massage of your life! Check it out!

Pro tip: Warungs, local Balinese restaurants, do not charge a service fee (have cash with you!) but foreign restaurants serving Italian, American, Mexican, etc., do.

Warung Baby Monkeys

Crispy Chicken with tomato sauce at Warung Baby Monkey in Sanur Bali

Hands down our most beloved restaurant in Sanur, Warung Baby Monkeys is a real taste of Balinese cuisine. Warungs are cafes or restaurants run by families, and Warung Baby Monkeys is no exception. Try the classic Mie Goreng or Nasi Goreng or add a little curry for some fun. If you’re up early they offer a wonderful breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs and toast…

Eggs, Sausage, fried tomatoes, toast and jam at Warung Baby Monkeys

Or fresh fruit, yogurt, milk, and oats or corn flakes if you’re wanting something lighter.

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt at Warung Baby Monkeys

Best of all, besides the friendly service, everything is dirt cheap and absolutely delicious. This is also the best place to sample some of Bali’s famous liquor, Arak.

Massimo Italian Restaurant

Huge calzone at Massimo Italian Restaurant in Sanur, Bali

On those nights when you just can’t eat anymore Balinese food, act like a tourist and have some Italian at Massimo’s. Started by an Italian, Massimo offers authentic Italian dishes at a cheap, Bali price.

Ask for the wine special and have a complimentary wooden platter full of bread, jam, and cheese as a starter. Don’t forget to save room for the gelato which is at the entrance. Grab some on your way out (the line might be long!) or while seated.

Cheese, bread and jam platter at Massimo Italian Restaurant in Sanur Bali

Warung Beach Breeze

Stir-fried veggies and chicken at Warung Beach Breeze in Sanur, Bali

Similar to Warung Baby Monkeys, Warung Beach Breeze is nearby and just as tasty. They have the same classic dishes as Baby Monkeys, which you should try. But we recommend getting one of their fantastic fruit smoothies or juices. Bali believes in the healing properties of certain fruits and plants and you will too! The Healer smoothie was one of our favorites; it was heavy on the ginger!


Another good choice for a break from the Balinese food, Jalapeno really does a decent job of some Tex Mex food. It’s hard to find great Tex Mex in Asia but you’ll find decent prices and good food here. The margaritas are a bit overpriced but we couldn’t resist.


Kanda Restaurant in Sanur, Bali

Kanda has a really cool atmosphere: there are peacocks roaming the grounds, as well as rabbits. Live music serenades you as you hang out on cushioned seats near the pool. Feel free to take a swim or get started before dinner at the pool bar. Traditional Balinese food is served here but there are some western influences as well!

Egg roll appetizer at Kanda Restaurant in Sanur

Bella Italia

Cheese Bruschetta at Bella Italia in Sanur

Not as good as Massimo by a long shot (what is?), but we still really enjoyed Bella Italia. There’s another location in Kuta along the shoreline, which is more expensive than the location in Sanur. The wine selection is pretty good and there are great options for pizzas here. It was a short walk from our Airbnb so visited a couple of times.

Titie’s Warung

Mie Goreng at Warung Titi's in Sanur, Bali

Skip the expensive beach-side restaurants attached to the resorts and make your way to Titie’s. Another warung! They’re really that good. And with tables and chairs literally on the sand of Sanur’s beach, Titie’s Warung is a must. Try all the class Balinese dishes here and drink a few cold ones after a day in the water. Enjoy the view and the price!

Pizza Club Sanur

Directly across from Massimo, Pizza Club is a convenient and tasty spot to fuel up after a long day. When you’re too tired for something fancy or you just want to be in a chill atmosphere, make sure to grab a slice of cheesy goodness here.

Summary of Best Restaurants in Sanur

Bali is a traveler’s paradise and the Balinese culture is really something special, as is their food. Following your days at the beach or exploring waterfalls, be sure to try some of these awesome restaurants in Sanur. Your taste buds and your wallet won’t regret it!

Happy travels!

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Budi Iskandar
4 years ago

Hi Darah and Garrett!
My name is Budi, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Thanks for a good review on Sanur.
I’m going to Bali in late October and will be staying in Sanur.
I’m planning to have a culinary tour of Bali, looking for good local favorites (the warungs or small restaurants that the locals love).
That “Kanda”, tho… It sounds interesting!