What to Do in Baska, Croatia: Beaches and Charm

When searching for travel in Croatia, you’ve probably stumbled upon the well traveled cities of Split and Dubrovnik. While we’ve personally visited Split and had an enjoyable time, Baska was the place in Croatia we’re going to remember. Stunning beaches, less crowds and great eats, Baska is the holiday you’re looking for. Situated on the chilly but crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, water and sun lovers will find Baska easy to fall in love with and hard to leave. In this post, we talk about what to do in Baska, some great places to eat plus another cool town to visit during your stay on Krk Island.

View of Baska, Croatia from a taxi boat

Where to Stay in Baska

Hotels are, of course, scattered throughout Baska, most prominently on one end of the main beach in town. If you can find a great deal on booking.com then we say have at it. There are some apartments listed there as well. Otherwise, we highly recommend Airbnb.

Condo in Baska

We met up with some family here and were able to stay in a large condo just off the waterfront, which was booked through Airbnb. It had all the amenities we needed (for children too!) and we were able to have complete breakfasts and occasionally cooked in for dinner. Cooking in is never a bad idea because you’ll save some money so you can splurge on something else. Parasailing, anyone?

When to Visit Baska

Baska, and all of Croatia for that matter, is jam packed with tourists in August. Having visited Split in mid-August, we got our fill of crowds pretty quickly. However, it wasn’t until the very end of August and early September that we visited Baska and it was perfect! The summer crowds were starting to dwindle and we were knocking on the door of shoulder season.

That said, try your best to plan a visit during the shoulder season. September and late spring/early summer would be an amazing time. You’d have enough room to spread out and call your own. Eating out was also enjoyable as not every restaurant in Baska was full.

So, if you only take away one thing from this post, just remember to stay away from high tourist season! These lovely beaches we experienced (more on that below) would not have been the same.

Things to Note

Crystal clear waters of Vela Luka beach

Baska has rocky beaches in the form of little pebbles and larger, smooth rocks, nothing jagged or very sharp so don’t worry. We highly recommend water shoes which will make getting around much easier on your feet. That goes for most beaches in this region.

A beach towel is always a good idea to bring but since these beaches aren’t soft sandy, maybe bring a few extra for comfort. There are many vendors lined up along the sea wall that sell beach pads for your bum, as well as water shoes so if you don’t have any with you then you can purchase them here. However, try not to buy everything in Baska and then leave it behind as this just adds to waste!

There are a handful of supermarkets in Baska and an amazing bakery (details below) but the best place to buy your supplies is Tommy Supermarket. It’s not even 5 minutes outside of town but you’ll need a car to get there. It’s cheaper and the produce seemed more fresh.

What to Do in Baska


Baska and its beach

Now that you’re settled in this Adriatic paradise, grab a spot on the water and enjoy. The longest stretch of beach (almost 2km), Baska Beach, comes right up to the town itself, making it easy to reach. Whether you head out early in the morning, catch the midday sun, or wind down your day with a beautiful sunset behind the mountains, Baska Beach is a great place to spend your time. As we’ve mentioned, the beaches in Baska aren’t sandy. However, if you venture several feet into the water you’ll find sand beneath your toes. It feels wonderful!

Chairs and umbrellas are available for rent for around $20/day and cheap gelato is always near. If you’re spent and refuse to walk anywhere then hop on the train that goes from end to end.

Baska Beach will definitely be more crowded in the vicinity of the hotels. We liked to stay on the opposite end (also closer to our Airbnb) where we had more room to call our own.

When it comes to beaches, Baska Beach didn’t completely do the job for us. Not that it’s lacking or subpar, but we were on the search for less people and less noise. We didn’t have to look far. Scattered along the seafront, you’ll find several little stands offering boat taxis. Do yourself a favor and book one of these!

Vela Luka Beach is only 10-15 minutes away by boat and you do not want to miss it. We go into more detail about how to get there (you can also hike) and what to do in our post on Vela Luka Beach. It was our favorite beach during our stay; seclusion, views, snorkeling, Vela Luka has it all!

Vela Luka beach near Baska, Croatia

Water Activities 

Water sports are very popular in this area. Parasailing, tubing, jet skiing, windsurfing, all kinds of things are happening here. There’s also a submarine ride that takes you under and lets you view the sea life. Fun for kids!

Semi submarine going out to sea

In our opinion, the jet ski rentals on Baska beach are overpriced but you be the judge!

Walk Baska

You won’t spend every waking moment at the beach, unfortunately, but thankfully Baska has a pretty cool town for you to explore! The narrow streets and alleys, the cafes with a view, the old church, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. It’s hard to beat grabbing an evening espresso with a view while the sun sets.

Altar in the church in Baska

Trip to Vrbnik

Krk Island is pretty big and there’s more to see than just Baska. Vrbnik, just a 25-30 minute drive away, is a gorgeous coastal village situated on the east side of the island. You can see mainland Croatia from here.

You’ll also find the “narrowest” street in the world. So we’ve heard.

Narrowest street in the world, Croatian flag flying on a wall, and Vrbnik with the Ocean behind

Not only is there one of the best pizza restaurants in the world (the food is great but it’s even better with that view), but it’s full of history and overflowing with žlahtina, the white wine made from this region.

Pizza in Vrbnik

Morska Vila is the name of the pizza joint. Have some wine, start with a cheese and meat sampler, then dig into your specialty pie. Seriously, we could write a whole post about how awesome this meal and view were. The perfect combination!

Sailboat near Vrbnik, Croatia

Where to Eat in Baska

Obviously, the seaside restaurants are going to be more expensive than the ones further up the hill. However, we sampled a little bit of everything and have some recommendations for you. 

If you’re looking for something quick and convenient then Fast Fish (Google Maps lists it as Fast Food Fischbude) is your go-to! It’s some of the best calamari we’ve ever tried! Not into seafood? Try Doner Kebab, another quick eat-and-go that won’t disappoint.

Fried Fish restaurant in Baska

In terms of having a nice meal out, there are so many options. Francesca is in the mid to high price range but offers a very peaceful atmosphere and great food. You’ll find it tucked away in a narrow street further up from the sea. We also tried Portic, situated right next to the water. The fish came recommended but we think the pizza and meat samplers were better! Portic also seemed a little overpriced but again, it was right next to the sea.

We mentioned žlahtina, the wine produced from this region, but we’ve yet to mention Ožujsko, one of our favorite beers! Having been to many countries and trying the local drinks, Ožujsko is is up there on our list. Nothing’s better than washing down a charcuterie sampler with a cold one on a warm day next to the water.

Most importantly, the best place for some sweet delights is the pekarna, aka bakery. We cannot find this listed on Google Maps but you’ll find it across from a restaurant called Ragusa. The name on the exterior is simply Pekarna Baska. It’s dirt cheap and the workers are very kind and patient. It’s the perfect place to load up on goodies and take it back to your apartment for coffee.

Summary of Baska, Croatia

Church on a hill in Baska, Croatia

Baska, Croatia is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or family holiday. You’ll find cheaper prices, jaw dropping views of the Adriatic Sea and Croatian landscape, and have the beach right outside your door. What more could you want?

Happy travels!

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