Things to Do in Prague: The Enchanting Czech Capital

One of the most enchanting cities in Europe, Prague will take your breath away. With a plethora of things to do, it’s no wonder that Prague, Czech Republic, has become a popular destination. From the massive castle overlooking the city to old town and its medieval charm, this city deserves your vacation time. Below we’ve listed some fantastic things to do (and eat!) in Prague so let’s get started!

Side note: If you want to see more than just Prague then check out our post on Castles in the Czech Republic. Some of these are within reach of Prague and make for great day trips!

Prague Free Walking Tour

Of course, any adventure in a European city is best began with a free walking tour. Prague is no exception! Get your layout of the city, hear some folklore, learn some history, and get some awesome tips! We chose Sandemans free tours (which we highly recommend) but there are plenty of people with signs hanging around in Old Town Square. Give it a go! 

You can find more info for the walking tour we used on Sandemans website.

Charles Bridge

The famous Charles Bridge in Prague

You can’t talk about Prague and not talk about Charles Bridge. It’s one of the most iconic spots in this beautiful city. That said, it’s also really crowded! Even in February, the off-season, Charles bridge was swarming with tourists. You have to walk across, of course, but we found you can get some great views of this 15th century bridge from a distance.

Charles Bridge at night in Prague

Prague Castle

Prague Castle looking beautiful during sunset

Another popular stop, Prague Castle is practically a city in itself. You can pay for certain tours that will take you inside and you can spend a good amount of time here. As we had a lot to see, we just wandered the grounds.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

You’ll find St. Vitus Cathedral within Prague Castle. It will most likely be crowded but don’t let that put you off. This massive church with its mesmerizing stained glass is a must see.

Eat Koláč!

Kolac pastry with jam and cheese

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t reminisce about koláč, a famous Czech pastry. This puffy little thing is filled with cheese or fruit and has the perfect consistency. One of our favorite things to do in Prague was to buy a koláč and watch passerbys in Old Town.

You can find Jizerské Pekárny, a delicious Czech bakery, right in the middle of Old Town. Can’t beat that!

Old Town

St. Nicholas' Church behind old town square in Prague

Old Town is a portal that takes you back in time. Disregarding the street acts and all the cell phones, it’s like you’re back in medieval times. Wander the narrow alleys, stop in one of the many shops, or just appreciate the architecture that makes Prague so lovely. Old Town houses many attractions, like the Church of Our Lady before Týn and the astronomical clock so you can’t miss it!

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock

Since we’re talking about Old Town, it’s time to mention the astronomical clock. This one is on everyone’s list of things to do in Prague. It is really cool to see and appreciate how this has been in use since 1410. Wow! If you’re around it between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. when the hour strikes it will be quite crowded but still worth it!

Letna Park

View of Prague and river Vltava from Letna Park

This is one of the less talked about spots in Prague. Situated on a large hill across the river Vltava, Letna Park is quite large, peaceful, and offers the perfect view. If you’re looking to relax or a have a lovely picnic then you’ve found the place.

There are plenty of locals in the park and the whole area is quite enjoyable. The best part is the peace and quiet and the view. We had a warm day during our visit and made use of this awesome view in Letna Park.

Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery was founded in the 12th century so there’s quite a lot of history here. While there are several mini-exhibitions to view, the one we found most interesting was the old library. You’re not allowed to walk in the library itself but you can appreciate it from the doorway. It’s very impressive and worth a look.

There are also other artifacts, including very old religious artifacts, that are available for viewing in the main hall.

Library in Strahov Monastery

However, the coolest thing about Strahov Monastery is its brewery and the spectacular view of Prague. We didn’t eat here, as it was much more expensive than elsewhere, but the beer wasn’t too pricey and was some of the best we had in Prague.

Beer with a view of Prague

Petrin Tower (Little Eiffel Tower)

Petrin Tower in Prague

Just a little further up the hill from Strahov Monastery is something that resembles the Eiffel Tower, just a lot smaller. That said, for a small fee, you can climb to the top and get a 360 view. Time it around sunset and grab some awesome photos.

National Museum

National Museum building in Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the newer area of Prague, the National Museum sits at the end of a busy and symbolic avenue. Its architecture alone is worth a look but if you do venture inside you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to set aside some time though as there is a lot to see.

You can find more info on the National Museum website.

Enjoy the River Vltava with Swans

Swans on the banks of river Vltava with a view of Charles Bridge

The river Vltava is what separates the castle from Old Town. It’s lovely to walk along the river and gaze up at the castle while Charles Bridge is just ahead of you. What a picturesque stroll. While strolling along, you can’t miss the many swans hanging around the banks. There are even some beavers! As the sun set one evening, it was the perfect spot to watch Prague and Charles Bridge begin to glow.

Beaver on river Vltava in Prague

Explore Prague’s Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is a must-see while in Prague. There is so much history, albeit sad, in this area. The Jewish community has had a rough time in Prague for centuries and its history is there for you see today. From the graveyard, so old that names have eroded off the headstones, to the memorial dedicated to those killed in the Holocaust, the Jewish Quarter has an important story to tell.

Jewish cemetery in Prague
Holocaust memorial in Jewish Quarter in Prague

See an Opera at the Estates Theater

Estates Theater opera house in Prague

If you’re looking for some things to do one evening, why not see an opera in one of Prague’s prettiest buildings? Mozart himself premiered his opera Giovanni in this very building. Tickets are not expensive and maybe there’s a great show playing while you’re in town.

See what’s playing on the Estates Theater website. You’ll find Prague’s other theaters, like the gorgeous National Theater, listed as well.

Summary of Things to Do in Prague

We had three days in this wonderful city, but it wasn’t enough. We dream of going back and repeating some of these things but there is so much more to do than what we listed! It’s our hope that you get to experience Prague and its alluring charm. The Czech Republic is teeming with good food, beauty, and kind people. What are you waiting for?!

Happy Travels!

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