Prague 2 Day Itinerary: Must See Sights and Eats

Only 2 days in Prague? That’s not nearly enough time!

While we think Prague deserves more than just 2 days (what would we give to live there), it’s all we had in the charming capital of Czechia. However, there was plenty to keep ourselves busy during our short visit and there was plenty of deliciousness as well!

From famous sights like Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock to having a monk-brewed beer atop a hill with a spectacular view, we walk you through a 2 day itinerary for Prague below!

Swans in front of Charles Bridge

Some Tips for Visiting Prague

Make a Reservation!

While we weren’t disappointed with any of our restaurant choices, we noticed that many of the restaurants would fill up for dinner so you’ll have to wait quite a while or eat at the bar if there’s room.

Walk Everywhere

Prague has a great public transport system (metro, tram, bus), but you’ll find that most attractions are within a 20 minute walk of each other. Many of them are much shorter than that. Walking leads to discovering new places within Prague so it’s a win-win!

If you do end up walking everywhere then be prepared for some hills around the Strahov Monastery and Prague Castle (more on those below).

Even if you plan on using public transportation, be sure to wear a good pair of walking shoes.

ATM Caution

We’re all for using ATMs while abroad, especially since our checking account refunds ATM fees and doesn’t charge foreign exchange fees. However, if you use an ATM in the city center of Prague (elsewhere too), you’ll be prompted to accept “with conversion” or “without conversion” and you should always choose “without”. The ATM’s conversion rate is typically worse than the current going rate so you’re losing money by choosing “with”.

Day 1 – See Prague’s Main Sights

Free Walking Tour

If you’re a veteran of free walking tours or you’ve never heard of them, we highly recommend you to take one in Prague!

By the end of the tour, we had an understanding of where the touristy sights were but we also had some awesome recommendations on where to eat or where to find the best koláče (kolache).

Sandemans is a well-known free walking tour company in Europe. You can find them in several cities but we used them our first morning in Prague and it didn’t disappoint!

Get your fill of some Czech history and understand all the old and essential buildings around you before you start exploring on your own!

Don’t forget to tip!

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge in Prague

Arguably the most iconic sight in the city, Charles Bridge should be on anyone’s itinerary in Prague.  Honestly, there’s no avoiding it as it’s a great way for pedestrians to cross the Vltava river.

Completed in the 15th century, you’re walking on history and you’ll get some awesome views of Prague Castle.

Don’t forget to visit the neighboring bridges to get a view of Charles Bridge from afar. It’s beautiful at night!

Old Town

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is the perfect place to enjoy a koláč (kolach) and give your feet a rest. You’ll also find the astronomical clock so be sure to stop by on the hour! Be prepared for a huge crowd and a show.

Lunch at Krčma

If you’re looking for a hearty and delicious Czech meal then stop in at Krčma. Entrees are 200-300 CZK (around $8-13 USD), which makes this a great option for a budget-friendly, authentic lunch. Don’t forget to order a pilsner for an afternoon refresher!

Jewish Quarter

Tombstones in the Jewish Cememtery in Prague

The Jewish Quarter is a must-see sight during your 48 hours in Prague. You’ll find multiple synagogues as well as a memorial to the Holocaust. Be sure to check out the Jewish cemetery and learn about its history.

For 500 CZK ($22 USD) you can visit all 4 of the synagogues, the ceremonial hall,  and the Jewish cemetery.

Dinner at Restaurace Malostranska Beseda

Dumplings and goulash

You’ll find this taste of Czechia across from St. Nicholas Church in Mala Strana, which is across the river from Old Town. The dumplings are mandatory and if you’re feeling bold order red wine cabbage. You’ll have some good options (many hearty) for dinner at Malostranska Beseda and pilsner, of course.

You may want to save Charles Bridge until dinner if you eat at Malostranska Beseda. The later (or earlier) you visit then the less people there will be!

Vltava at Night

Lights of Prague reflecting along the Vltava River

An enjoyable, even romantic, stroll along the Voltava’s banks will put smile on anyone’s face.

Walking paths and benches line the banks of the Vltava river and if you tire of walking you can always pop into a restaurant or cafe. Our suggestion is to start walking before sunset and get ready for some breathtaking colors. Once the sun is down the lights turn on and Prague begins to sparkle.

Day 2 – Beautiful Views of Prague

Grab a Kolac in Old Town

Fruit filled Kolac in Prague

What’s the perfect start to your 2nd day in Prague? Koláče!

Make your way to the Old Town square but make a pitstop in Jizerské Pekárny, a Czech bakery. Have your koláče filled with fruit or cheese and savor every last bite. If you want our advice, buy a few so you can sample a little bit of everything; poppyseed is a good one!

Even though Jizerské Pekárny is located in a touristy area, you’ll still find it to be very budget-friendly!

Now find a seat in the square and enjoy your morning. A hot coffee adds just the right touch!

Prague Castle

Prague Castle in the sunset

Prague Castle has the potential to be a long adventure, as there are many buildings to explore and exhibitions inside. However, instead of spending time wandering the interior, we decided to just walk through (for free), stopping in St. Vitus Cathedral, which you must see! There will be quite the crowd so you can’t miss it!

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Of course, how you spend your 2 days in Prague is your choice! But if you’d like to see more of the city on your last day then we advise a relaxing day of good food and great views.

If you decide to visit some of the attractions then you have your choice of three circuits and each circuit includes select buildings and exhibitions within Prague Castle. These will cost you anywhere from 250-350 CZK ($11-15 USD) per ticket.

Lunch at Strahov Monastery

Two beers with a view of Prague behind them

Do you like beer? Beautiful views? Monks? If so then Strahov Monastery is your place.

While there’s an old library that you must see, which is 120 CZK (around $5 USD per ticket), the real winner of Strahov Monastery is the brewery. Get a taste of what the monks are brewing all while soaking in a stunning view of Prague.

You can also have a nice sit-down lunch but be aware that the food prices are more expensive here.

If it’s out of your budget then you’ll find plenty of food stands and quick restaurants on the streets.

Petrin Tower (Little Eiffel)

View of Petrin Tower and view from Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower, which bears similarities to another famous tower in Europ.e

That’s right! Prague is home to the Petrin Tower, also known as “Little Eiffel”.

If you desire breathtaking views of Prague and the Vltava river then be sure to climb the 299 steps to the top. For 150 CZK ($6 USD) per person or 350 CZK ($15 USD) per family, you can visit Petrin tower.

Letna Park

Letna Park isn’t essential to complete your 2 days in Prague but if you can fit it in your itinerary then you should visit! It’s a large park with an awesome view of Prague and a nice place to have lunch; don’t forget koláče!

We spent a bit of our afternoon exploring the park and found our favorite spot in the city.

Dinner at U Pinkasu

Fried cheese and dumplings in vanilla sauce

Spend your last night in Prague at U Pinkasu, another authentic Czech restaurant that’s sure to impress. It has been around since 1843 and has three floors of cozy dining rooms.

Indulge in the gooey fried cheese but save room for fruit dumplings in vanilla sauce for dessert.

Summary of Prague 2 Day Itinerary: Must See Sights and Eats

We’ve crammed a lot into 48 hours but we still find this to be a relaxing pace for discovering Prague. It’s one of our favorite cities in Europe and we hope you’ll think so too!

Happy Travels!

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