Postojna Cave: Stunning Day Trip from Ljublijana

Just simply driving through Slovenia is a trip to remember; the mountains paint quite the picture! But you want more for your itinerary than just that. Why not see the most visited attraction in all of Slovenia: Postojna Cave. This massive and awe-inspiring labyrinth spans many kilometers under the surface and most of it is yours to see!

In this post, we tell you how to buy tickets, how to get to Postojna from Ljubljana and what to do while you’re there!

Five-metre-tall bright-white stalagmite standing next to a column in Postojna Cave

How to Buy Tickets for Postojna Cave

Buying tickets is a breeze and all you have to do is figure out what package you’d like to purchase. Whether it’s just the cave, the castle or other exhibitions, it’s all in one easy-to-find place on the Postojna Cave website. You have to reserve a spot and English only tours are only offered during certain times so be sure to select your reservation carefully. 

If you don’t purchase  your tickets online, you can still buy them in person. However, depending on the season, the lines could potentially be long and you’d miss out on a certain time. Keep that in mind!

We recommend buying tickets online so you can skip the lines and reserve your spot ahead of time.

How to Get to Postojna Cave from Ljubljana

River flowing through Postojna Cave Park

Now for the fun part: getting there! The nice thing about this behemoth of a cave is that it’s less than 50 km from the capital city of Ljubljana. You have your options when it comes to transportation so let’s break them down.

By Car

First and foremost, a car is the simplest way to see the cave. If you’re renting a car and driving through Slovenia then you can see this beautiful country at your own pace and pay a cheap 5 euros for parking. Simple as that. The parking area is a 5 minute walk from the cave.

By Train

A train through Slovenia sounds more relaxing and just as pretty but be wary. The train station is in the town of Postojna itself, not the cave, so you’ll have a bit of walking to do after you arrive or take a taxi (there isn’t a public bus in the town). It’s around 2 km away from the cave. Trains run fairly frequently during the day and take around an hour from Ljubljana.

By Bus

Of course, a bus is another viable option but take note again! Be sure to know whether you’re being dropped off in Postojna (the town) or the actual cave. Buses are frequent as well and are budget-friendly! Drop by the bus station in Ljubljana and buy your tickets in person ahead of time. The station is just a short walk from old town!

Things to Note

Stalagmites and spaghetti stalagtites in Postojna cave

The cave will feel chilly, especially if visiting during warmer months. Fun fact: the cave is always the same temperature, so it would feel warmer than outside during the cold winter months. There are “capes” (coats) for rent, about 2 euros, but save some cash and bring a hoodie or warm jacket. You’ll be down there for about two hours.

Turn off your flash! Even though there are many signs warning visitors to not use flash and the tour guide explicitly says so, there’s always someone. Don’t be that guy. Take lots of pics but don’t use flash.

Now It’s Time to Go Inside!

People boarding the Postojna Cave train

Swipe your ticket, bundle up, and hop on the train. A 2 km train ride will take you deep into the cave to begin your tour. Hang on and enjoy the fantastic views on the way in! Once inside, your tour guide will lead you through the cave (there are walkways with anti-slip coating), explaining the details of your surroundings.

Without a doubt, Postojna Cave is the largest cave we’ve ever visited and its stalagmites and stalactites captured our gaze at every turn.

Chandelier hanging in a large chamber in Postojna cave

Other Things to Do Near Postojna Cave

There’s more than just the Postojna Cave to this fun-filled area. Eateries, accommodation and the Predjama Castle, just a few kilometers away from the cave. If you have time then you should definitely check out the castle! There are tunnels spanning beneath and there’s another cave where many bats have their home. You could make an awesome day of cave exploring and add in centuries of history by visiting Predjama Castle in addition to Postojna Cave.

Map of Postojna Cave Park


Our time in Slovenia was short and we’re anxious to return. The Postojna Cave was a wonderful experience and we hope you get to visit this attraction during your stay. It’s a great idea for couples, solos, or the whole family!

Happy travels!

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