Edinburgh Whisky Tasting: A Unique Experience

After you’ve explored Edinburgh Castle, walked the Royal Mile, and discovered all the Harry Potter lore lying around Edinburgh, what should you do next? Why not try a true Edinburgh whisky tasting experience and listen to some stories of old? If you’re curious about other things this great city has to offer, check out our post on things to do in Edinburgh.

Cardboard cutout in Waverly Bar in Edinburgh

Photo by Little Fish Tours

About the Experience

Scotch whisky comes from Scotland. That’s about all we knew before immersing ourselves in this unique experience in Edinburgh. After a day of sightseeing on our own, we sat down with the knowledgeable and witty Scot himself, Greg, at the Waverley Pub in the heart of Edinburgh.

Tray of Whisky at the Edinburgh Whisky Tasting

Photo by Little Fish Tours

The two hour experience that followed involved tasting four types of Scotch whisky originating from 4 different regions of Scotland. We seriously studied the “how” and the “why” of whisky tasting itself and went into details about the smell, the taste, and the sensation in your mouth.

Even though our personal tastes didn’t always match the consensus, we never felt dumb or like we didn’t belong. That was thanks to Greg’s hospitality and his love for whisky and sharing it with others. Not only were we opened to a whole new experience from this whisky tasting, but we heard some fantastic Scottish folklore along the way. This whisky tasting is an intimate experience that you will not forget.

Bottle of whisky and a big crowd at Edinburgh Whisky tasting

Photo by Little Fish Tours

In fact, we feel compelled to share it with you because we had such an awesome experience and it’s one of our favorite memories of Edinburgh. Now when we have a drink of Scotch we remember the work that goes into it, the history that makes it so special, and the stories that make Scotland such a culturally rich country.

Summary of Edinburgh Whisky Tasting

You can find out more about this Edinburgh whisky tasting experience through Little Fish Tours. They’re the brilliant minds behind this operation and are truly experts at offering you a unique and worth-your-time experience. If you don’t believe us just yet then do yourself a favor and head over to Trip Advisor and read all the praise for yourself.

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