Travel Credit Card: Our Top 5 in 2018

You’re dying to get to that dream destination, but what’s the best travel credit card to get you there and reap some rewards? With so many options of credit cards it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Some are geared toward rewards, some toward cash back. We’re going to talk about which ones are best for travel.

Ever dreamed of just casually using that credit card on daily expenses and then one day looking up your reward balance and seeing a ton of points ready for use?  We definitely have.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of these travel credit cards we want to share a friendly disclaimer. These are credit cards. Please use these responsibly and do no just swipe whenever you can.

Make sure you’re able to pay off your statement balance every month so you’re not throwing your money away on interest. Everyone’s situation is different, but a good rule is if you can’t pay it off on this statement, then don’t swipe!

Ok, now let’s talk about travel credit cards.

This list consists of five “affordable” credit cards that don’t have ridiculous fees. Yes, the Chase Sapphire Reserve or American Express Platinum are great cards with amazing rewards, but the annual fee is $450 and $550, respectively.

They do have a travel credit included, which in reality makes the annual fee less. But these cards are more for people who live in the air or those who prefer premium travel.

*Discover cards are not accepted worldwide. Check here to see which countries accept Discover cards.

Our Travel Credit Card Experience and Recommendation

The card we’ve been using for a couple years now is Chase Sapphire Preferred. The reason we chose this card is because we were planning our honeymoon in Hawaii (after eloping). If you spend $4,000 in the first three months you get 50,000 reward points, which when used on Chase Ultimate Rewards, is $625 in travel.

Another added bonus is Chase Ultimate Rewards recently added a ton more flights and hotels from Expedia. So, now you have more to choose from at a discounted rate! Yes, please!  

Our Hawaii honeymoon trip to Maui in 2016 (blog post coming!) was a big help in getting us to that $4,000 mark. When you add an authorized user within the same three months, you get another 5,000 points.

A wonderful honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii

We’ve now earned more than $1,800 in travel rewards on our travel credit card and are still going. We’re thinking a safari one day? Maybe New Zealand? We’ll see!

Another benefit of this card is that there’s no sign up fee. Yes, on your second year you begin paying a $95 fee annually, but we have never paid interest on this card and our rewards outweigh the fee so that math makes a lot of sense to us.

When we signed up we knew we wanted to travel a lot, so our favorite option about Chase Sapphire Preferred is that there are no foreign transaction fees!

Need more incentive to use this travel credit card?

Chase Sapphire Preferred offers 2x points on dining and travel worldwide and 1 point per dollar spent on other purchases. When you redeem your points through Chase Rewards you get 25% more per point.

Included with this travel credit card are different types of insurance. The car rental insurance (when you use your card) and baggage delay ($100/day for up to 5 days) are pretty handy. There are several more perks including trip cancellation insurance, you’ve got an awesome travel rewards credit card!

And last but not least, you have 24/7 customer service that, in our experience, is amazing. Every conversation we’ve had with Chase has been prompt and professional.

Let us know below what cards you like to use for travel and don’t forget to subscribe!

Happy travels!

Beautiful mountains and stretches of greenery on Maui, Hawaii. Paid for with a travel credit card.

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