6 Computers for Teaching English Online (Budget-Friendly!)

Woman teaching English on her budget-friendly computer

Whether you’ve been teaching English online for years or you’re just now starting your remote job search, the same rule applies: you need to have a dependable computer to teach! You could be the best teacher the online world of ESL has ever seen but without some dependable hardware, it’s all for naught. That’s why […]

How to Plan a Budget USA Road Trip: The Complete Guide

There’s nothing quite like traveling the open road. This is especially true in the United States, where national parks (state parks, too) are plentiful and magnificent. The best part about the US is how easy and budget-friendly it is to road trip. Of course, planning a road trip depends heavily on your route. Regardless of […]

What to Pack for Study Abroad: Female Essentials

You’ve chosen your destination and your program and you’re super stoked about your upcoming study abroad experience. Now for the tough question: What to pack for study abroad? It’s an overwhelming thought that will be in the back of your mind until takeoff. Then you’ll worry if you packed enough or too much. That’s okay! […]