6 Computers for Teaching English Online (Budget-Friendly!)

Woman teaching English on her budget-friendly computer

Whether you’ve been teaching English online for years or you’re just now starting your remote job search, the same rule applies: you need to have a dependable computer to teach! You could be the best teacher the online world of ESL has ever seen but without some dependable hardware, it’s all for naught. That’s why […]

7 Benefits of Teaching English Remotely

Girl sitting at computer

Wondering if teaching English remotely is right for you? We’re big fans of teaching online, and working remotely in general, as it allowed us to fund our travels around the world. But what if you’re not traveling and just teaching from home? We’ve done that too! Let’s be honest, there are negatives too. For example, […]

7 Insider Tips to Teach English Online While Traveling Abroad

Teaching English online is a fantastic way to fund your travels abroad. We had no idea teaching English online was for us but here we sit, 18 months later, and we’ve got some awesome tips to help our fellow teachers out there make ends meet while traveling. Who knew that our decision to teach English […]

6 Budget Headsets with Mic for Online Teaching in 2020

Whether you’re new to the world of teaching online or a grizzled veteran, you need reliable equipment for your class. Nothing’s worse than your headset popping with static and asking your kids to repeat over and over. Having a good headset and mic for online teaching makes you a better teacher. How does a headset […]

SayABC Review: Teaching English Online

Teaching English online is gaining more and more popularity and we want to talk about our personal experience teaching with SayABC. Long story short, we moved abroad to Taiwan to teach, realized we wanted to travel all the time, then got online teaching jobs. Now we’ve been on the road more than a year and […]

How to get a TEFL Certification

So you want to teach English abroad or online. Good for you! It’s an amazing opportunity to better your teaching skills while making solid income. Maybe you’re wanting to travel and teach English like we do! Well, before you begin applying, you’re most likely going to need a TEFL certification, especially with recent laws passed […]