A Day in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily – Why You Need to Visit!

The island of Sicily is simply magical. Every bit of it. With a drastically different landscape and culture than that of its neighbors to the north, Sicily offers travelers a unique Italian encounter right smack in the middle of the Mediterranean. And there are so many gems spread around the island just waiting to take […]

Essential 1 Day in Palermo Itinerary: Destination Yum!

Facade of Cathedral in Palermo

Sicily has a special place in our hearts. The street food (arancini!), spectacular Arab-Norman architecture, and a plethora of authentic sights make Palermo a true, southern Italian gem. For those with just 1 day in Palermo, we’ve put together our favorite sights in the city as well as some tasty eats! This city is bursting […]

Tips for Driving in Sicily and Why You Should Do It!

Public transportation is often a great way to see Italy but on the island of Sicily, we believe that driving a car is the best way to explore this Mediterranean gem. Driving a car in a foreign country can be a little nerve-wracking for some but we’re here to calm your fears by sharing our […]

Valley of the Temples: Day Trip from Palermo

Whether you’re adventuring through Sicily for a couple weeks or just a few days, it would be a shame to miss out on the Valley of the Temples! The fact that some of these ancient constructions are standing here today is incredible and the fact we get to see them up close is truly special. […]

An Afternoon in Corleone: Authentic Sicily

While coastal towns are all the rave in Sicily (rightfully so) don’t miss the gems deeper inland. While driving around western Sicily for a couple days, we found ourselves in the town of Corleone for a short afternoon. Fans of The Godfather trilogy will recognize this town as the origin of the Corleone family. While […]