Harry Potter in Edinburgh: A City of Magical Inspiration

Castles, old tales, whisky, haggis and black pudding, Edinburgh is a truly magical capital city. However, for fans of Harry Potter, there’s even more reason to visit the muggle city of Edinburgh. You can find many of J.K. Rowling’s inspirations for her Harry Potter series and even walk through the graveyard where Volde- I mean…He […]

Your Complete Guide to Winter in Scotland

Snow covered mountain in the Scottish Highlands overlooking a loch

What’s the best time of the year to visit Scotland? Winter! Maybe we’re a little biased since we’ve visited Scotland twice in the winter but looking back, we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There are some big questions about visiting Scotland during the colder months that travelers, including us, often have before the […]

Glenfarclas Distillery Tour and Tasting Review

Glenfarclas Distilling room

Reason enough on its own to visit Scotland, Scotch whisky is deeply rooted in the country’s past and is very much present in its culture today. There are whisky tours galore scattered about the country, from the capital city of Edinburgh to the islands and much of the highlands. However, we have a favorite in […]

Tips for Americans (or First Timers) Driving in the UK

What’s the best way to travel the UK? By car, of course! How else can you witness the splendor of the Lake District or Brecon Beacons? But wait, before we go off on a tangent about our favorite places, we’d like to focus on driving. Driving in the UK is a little different than the […]

Edinburgh Whisky Tasting: A Unique Experience

After you’ve explored Edinburgh Castle, walked the Royal Mile, and discovered all the Harry Potter lore lying around Edinburgh, what should you do next? Why not try a true Edinburgh whisky tasting experience and listen to some stories of old? If you’re curious about other things this great city has to offer, check out our […]

Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a city steeped in history and rich culture. From its castle overlooking the city to the delicious haggis and Scotch whisky to the importance of unicorns, there’s no short of fun and interesting things to do in Edinburgh. In fact, you’ll be dreaming of returning as soon as you leave. That goes for […]