13 Reasons You Should See More than Paris in France

Eiffel Tower view in Paris, France

Are you planning a trip to France and debating what to see during your stay? It’s practically a guarantee, especially for first-timers in the country, that Paris will be on your itinerary. But is Paris a must-see in France? It’s a subjective question that will probably get a majority of “yes” answers. However, we’re not […]

9 Essential Tips for Americans Driving in France

Single lane country road in France

What’s the best way to travel in France? By car! So, for Americans (and anyone else) out there looking to do a bit of driving in France, we’ve got some tips for you! Whether you’re driving through Normandy or experiencing some charming chateaus along the Loire River, driving gives you the freedom that public transportation […]

Ultimate Guide to Normandy: 17 Extraordinary Things to See

France may be most known for Paris, but our favorite part of this beautiful country is Normandy. There are so many wonders in this special region of France. From famous monuments like Mont St. Michel to historic events like D-Day to the simply gorgeous countryside, travelers have much to appreciate and see in Normandy. Our […]

Things to Do in Amboise: Da Vinci and Charm

Amboise is one of the most charming places you’ll find along the river Loire in France. It’s hard to get more picturesque than this! While Amboise is on the smaller side of things, there is plenty to do to keep you entertained and enthralled. The Amboise Chateau is situated right next to the Loire and […]

6 of the Best Ways to Get Around France

France is one of the largest countries on the continent and there’s A LOT to see! Seriously, there are so many gems in France besides Paris that travelers need to cover some ground to really see what this country has to offer. The cheese, wine, duck confit, steak tartare, escargot, macarons, wait…we’re just mentioning food […]

BlaBlaCar Review: Fun Budget Travel in France

What kinds of transportation can you find in France? Well, just about everything really. But what if the train workers are on strike or tickets are just super expensive? Seriously, the train employees went on a “surprise” strike during our visit to central France. Luckily for us, BlaBlaCar was there to save the day and […]

Visiting Mont Saint Michel: Key Things to Know

Mont Saint Michel reflected in the water

Lying near the border of Brittany and Normandy, two beautiful regions of France, you will find Mont Saint Michel. With its roots planted way back in the Middle Ages, visitors can gaze upon over a thousand years of history and explore its narrow and winding streets, as well as the island’s pinnacle: the abbey. In […]

See Nice, France in 2 Days on a Budget!

Nice is the 2nd most visited city in France, behind Paris, so seeing it on a budget is probably impossible, right? No way! We got the views, savored the bites, and saw the sights all while keeping to our tight backpacking budget. In this post, we give you plenty of options for a fantastic 2 […]