Visiting Brno, Czech Republic: Sights, Day Trips and More!

View of Brno from a hill

When you hear travelers talk about the Czech Republic (Czechia), you’ll hear “Prague” almost every time. While Prague deserves to be talked about so much ( it’s one of our favorite capitals in Europe), it’s not the only destination in the country. Brno, the second-largest city, is a highly underrated destination in Moravia, a region […]

6 Reasons to Visit the Czech Republic in Winter

Swans bathing in the Vltava near Charles Bridge

The Czech Republic (Czechia) is already one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Add some snow to the equation and you’ve got yourself some snowy, fairytale-like castles and Prague in the vicinity. Granted, the cold can get really cold so bundling up is required. But there’s some kind of magic about the Czech Republic […]

Prague 2 Day Itinerary: Must See Sights and Eats

Only 2 days in Prague? That’s not nearly enough time! While we think Prague deserves more than just 2 days (what would we give to live there), it’s all we had in the charming capital of Czechia. However, there was plenty to keep ourselves busy during our short visit and there was plenty of deliciousness […]

Things to Do in Prague: The Enchanting Czech Capital

One of the most enchanting cities in Europe, Prague will take your breath away. With a plethora of things to do, it’s no wonder that Prague, Czech Republic, has become a popular destination. From the massive castle overlooking the city to old town and its medieval charm, this city deserves your vacation time. Below we’ve […]

Castles in the Czech Republic: Gems of South Bohemia and Moravia

There are hundreds, possibly even more than a thousand, castles in the Czech Republic. This all depends on who you ask and what they consider a chateau or a castle or a palace or a fort or a…you get the idea. We’re not here to argue what’s a castle and what’s not but rather give […]

Brno Day Trip: Driving in the Beautiful Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic is the perfect base for any traveler in the Czech Republic. Near other capital cities like Vienna and Bratislava and cheaper than Prague (a short train ride away), Brno serves as a great place to stay and also a great place to take a day trip! While Brno, Czech Republic, deserves its […]