The Complete Balkans Travel Guide (With Tips!)

Rila Monastery with mountains behind it in Bulgaria

Some of Europe’s most scenic spots lie in wait in the Balkans. From historic monasteries hidden in the mountains to the enchanting coastline along the Adriatic, you’ll find beautiful, budget-friendly destinations all over this region. Oh, and also some of the best wine and cheese you’ll ever have! In this post, we highlight several countries […]

What to Do in Baska, Croatia: Beaches and Charm

When searching for travel in Croatia, you’ve probably stumbled upon the well traveled cities of Split and Dubrovnik. While we’ve personally visited Split and had an enjoyable time, Baska was the place in Croatia we’re going to remember. Stunning beaches, less crowds and great eats, Baska is the holiday you’re looking for. Situated on the […]

Vela Luka Beach: Paradise in Croatia

When you hear travelers mention Croatia, you’re almost guaranteed to hear about Split or Dubrovnik or Krka Waterfalls. While those places are cool and tourists flock during the summer, we think there’s something better to be found in this beautiful country. Nowadays when we talk about Croatia, having been to Krk island and the city […]

12 Things to Do in Rijeka, Croatia

Our journey out of the Balkans landed us in Rijeka, Croatia, for a few days. After some action in fun but tourist-packed Split, Rijeka was the calm and peace we were looking for. Serving as a major port, its harbor is quite active but there’s more to this town than just ships coming and going. […]

What to See in Split, Croatia in 1 day (or 2!)

Split, Croatia, where the pristine Adriatic meets historic beauty and charm. The 2nd largest city in Croatia seems pretty small when you walk through the narrow streets of Diocletian’s Palace and admire all that once was. In this post, we talk about what to see, when to go, and how to have an awesome 1 […]