The Complete Balkans Travel Guide (With Tips!)

Rila Monastery with mountains behind it in Bulgaria

Some of Europe’s most scenic spots lie in wait in the Balkans. From historic monasteries hidden in the mountains to the enchanting coastline along the Adriatic, you’ll find beautiful, budget-friendly destinations all over this region. Oh, and also some of the best wine and cheese you’ll ever have! In this post, we highlight several countries […]

2 Days in Sofia, Bulgaria: What to Do, See and EAT!

Church in Sofia, Bulgari

One of the true gems of Eastern Europe, Sofia beckons all types of travelers. Whether you’re on a foodie adventure, exploring Roman ruins or in pursuit of a nature escape, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Sofia, Bulgaria. To guide you through a short but wonderful stay we’ve put together this guide for an […]

5 Reasons to Visit Sofia, Bulgaria this Winter

Is winter travel on your to-do list? If not, it should be! And why not choose a unique winter destination in a lesser-traveled part of the world: Sofia, Bulgaria! We’ve had the pleasure of spending a big chunk of summer and (sadly) a small part of winter in this cheap but delicious destination. So, we’d […]

Things to Do in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria, is a rare gem of a destination that offers travelers a unique experience. Where else can you find Roman ruins on seemingly every block, four different religions on the same square, a big mountain next door, and a wondrous dessert of yogurt and strawberry jam? Nowhere comes to mind but Sofia, Bulgaria, and […]

Hiking Vitosha Mountain from Sofia

Sofia is a special place. Not only is it packed with thousands of years of history and great food, it also has a really tall neighbor, Vitosha Mountain. There’s never a point in Sofia that Vitosha isn’t within view and if you’re like us, then you’ve wondered how to get to the top! In this […]

Rila Monastery: Day Trip from Sofia, Bulgaria

Mountains beyond mountains, the hip capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria is a paradise for travelers who are seeking the unique and the exceptional. Rila Monastery, the perfect day trip from Sofia, is just that. Dating back as far as the 10th century, Rila Monastery retains over 1000 years of history and beauty. In this post, […]