5 Great Restaurants in Nottingham, England

Nottingham, England, where the legend of Robin Hood thrives, was an enjoyable stop on our journey through the UK. While Robin Hood and Nottingham Castle surely have their place atop the highlights of Nottingham, we’d like to talk about a different, and arguably more important matter, food! In this post, we talk about the best restaurants in Nottingham, all located within the famous Lace Market! From the classic English breakfast to authentic Indian and juicy American burgers, we cover some of our favorite spots to eat in the historic city of Nottingham, England.

Mowgli Street Food Nottingham

Tasty chicken from Mowgli's Indian restaurant in Nottingham

One of the best things about visiting the UK? Indian food! While Mowgli’s Indian Street food has multiple locations, including Manchester and Liverpool, that doesn’t take away from the authenticity of the restaurant in Nottingham.

The interior of this restaurant is cozy and fun. Have your pick of wooden swinging chairs or the simple table and seat.

Be sure to order lots of everything as it comes in smaller portions and is meant to be enjoyed together! Naan is a must, of course, but we recommend the yogurt chat bombs and the mother butter chicken. The cocktails here are quite spectacular as well so browse the cocktail menu and have a go before your food arrives.

Salivate over Mowgli’s menu and see for yourself.


Curry at Mowgli's restaurant in Nottingham
Indian chat bombs filled with yogurt

Annie’s Burger Shack

Guacamole burger and curly fries in Nottingham, England

Traveling outside of the States for months on end, we had some serious trouble finding a burger that compared to our greasy burger expectations from back home. That said, Annie’s Burger Shack came pretty close to being perfect. Not only does the inside have a relaxed pub feel but the burgers are made with some fantastic creativity. We tried the fajita burger but also the buffalo ranch chicken burger, which did not disappoint!

Buffalo ranch chicken burger and curly fries in Nottingham, UK

From unique monthly specials to the classics, Annie, who’s from Rhode Island, brings some great burgers to her restaurant in Nottingham. Be sure to chow down with a pint or two! 

Oscar & Rosie’s

Delicious and greasy veggie pizza in Nottingham

Pizza is pizza, right? That’s true just about anywhere in the world, although we have to say pizza in Thailand was quite unique, using naan instead of pizza dough. That’s another story, however.

Classic but amazing pepperoni pizza in Nottingham, England

Oscar & Rosie’s isn’t your typical pizza restaurant. Just like Annie’s Burger Shack, Oscar & Rosie’s gets creative with their pizza pies. Vegetarian pizzas are bountiful and they even offer Vegan options. Be sure to order the house red wine with your pizza and order a whole pie for yourself! If you’re dining out with a party, the more pizza you try the happier you’ll be. Besides, if there are leftovers then you’ve got a snack for the next day.

Hungry Pumpkin

Traditional English breakfast with sausage and beans and mushrooms in Nottingham, UK

Located just across the street from the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, which is gorgeous inside and out, you’ll find a small diner called Hungry Pumpkin.

And yes, as the name implies, do come hungry!

sausage covered in egg for breakfast in Nottingham, England

Breakfast is a real treat here and the English breakfast is all it’s cooked up to be, literally. Time your visit to this restaurant before visiting the prettiest church in Nottingham. It’s not a bad spot for lunch either!

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in Nottingham, England

Afternoon Tea at St. James Hotel

Not exclusive to Nottingham, afternoon tea is a must anywhere in the UK. That said, the St. James Hotel has a lovely afternoon tea setup and one that isn’t too hard on the wallet.

Afternoon tea plates and prosecco at St. James Hotel in Nottingham

Located right across from the Nottingham Castle (renovating until 2020), enjoy a quaint and quintessential afternoon tea in the middle of Nottingham. Afterwards, enjoy an afternoon strolling the Lace Market and admiring Nottingham’s legendary Mr. Robin Hood!

Pro Tip: Check Groupon for any afternoon tea deals. Not just for Nottingham but all of the UK!

Summary of Restaurants in Nottingham

The castle, the Lace Market, the churches, all of them are certainly sights to see in Nottingham. That said, be sure to take a break from sightseeing and fill your tummy on some of the delicious restaurants that Nottingham has to offer.

Happy travels!

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