Cacio e Pepe Recipe: <br> A Delicious Roman Dish

Cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe, or “cheese and pepper”, may be on the simpler side of things when it comes to Italian cooking. That said, a meal doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious! Cacio e pepe was one of our favorite dishes while visiting Italy; whether we enjoyed it at a restaurant or made it […]

10 Awesome Things to Do in Bratislava: 2 Days in Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia, is full of things to do! This capital city, situated on the beautiful Danube, makes for a great day trip from Vienna or Budapest. However, we recommend making more than just a day trip for Bratislava to really see it and taste it! We had 48 hours to see the city and were […]

One Day in Rome: Self Guided Walking Tour

A bridge along the Tiber River in Rome, Italy

Is it possible to fit all of Rome’s must-see sights into a one day itinerary? Nope! However, if one day in Rome is all you have, you’re still in for an amazing 24 hours! In this post, we pull ideas from our personal experience of seeing Rome in a day and compile it into a […]

The Essential Guide to Italy on a Budget

A beautiful view of the Cathedral in Cefalu and the buildings surrounding it

Italy is consistently near the top of the world’s most traveled places and rightfully so. There are plenty of ways to see the country, whether it’s a tour of Rome or soaking in the sun on a sandy, Sicilian beach. Whichever mode you choose, seeing Italy on a budget is very possible! There are a […]

The Complete Balkans Travel Guide (With Tips!)

Rila Monastery with mountains behind it in Bulgaria

Some of Europe’s most scenic spots lie in wait in the Balkans. From historic monasteries hidden in the mountains to the enchanting coastline along the Adriatic, you’ll find beautiful, budget-friendly destinations all over this region. Oh, and also some of the best wine and cheese you’ll ever have! In this post, we highlight several countries […]

Traditional Beef and Sausage Ragù: Recipe Inspired by Travel

Two bowls of ragu topped with parmigiano cheese and fresh parsley

While we love talking about travel destinations and tips, we also love talking about food. Every destination has a specialty (or many) for travelers to try. And while we honestly love every aspect of visiting somewhere new, food is what really gets us excited and has us talking long after we’ve left. In this travel-inspired […]

6 Computers for Teaching English Online (Budget-Friendly!)

Woman teaching English on her budget-friendly computer

Whether you’ve been teaching English online for years or you’re just now starting your remote job search, the same rule applies: you need to have a dependable computer to teach! You could be the best teacher the online world of ESL has ever seen but without some dependable hardware, it’s all for naught. That’s why […]

Harry Potter in Edinburgh: A City of Magical Inspiration

Castles, old tales, whisky, haggis and black pudding, Edinburgh is a truly magical capital city. However, for fans of Harry Potter, there’s even more reason to visit the muggle city of Edinburgh. You can find many of J.K. Rowling’s inspirations for her Harry Potter series and even walk through the graveyard where Volde- I mean…He […]

Visiting Brno, Czech Republic: Sights, Day Trips and More!

View of Brno from a hill

When you hear travelers talk about the Czech Republic (Czechia), you’ll hear “Prague” almost every time. While Prague deserves to be talked about so much ( it’s one of our favorite capitals in Europe), it’s not the only destination in the country. Brno, the second-largest city, is a highly underrated destination in Moravia, a region […]

A Day in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily – Why You Need to Visit!

The island of Sicily is simply magical. Every bit of it. With a drastically different landscape and culture than that of its neighbors to the north, Sicily offers travelers a unique Italian encounter right smack in the middle of the Mediterranean. And there are so many gems spread around the island just waiting to take […]