3 Days in Edinburgh: Fall in Love With Scotland’s Capital

Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland

A city that enchants with its narrow alleys and medieval gems, Edinburgh is a requirement for any Scotland itinerary. That’s doubly true for first-timers! So we’ve put together this guide for an amazing three days in Edinburgh. We think three days gives you plenty of time to explore leisurely and not feel rushed. From Scottish […]

Why Visiting Poland in May is Amazing

Poland is a wonderful destination any time of the year. But what’s better than wandering through lush green parks, listening to Chopin and indulging in the best pierogies in the world? It’s hard to beat, honestly, which is why we think you should visit Poland in May! Poland is a large eastern European country and […]

Where Should You Travel Next? 10 Tips to Start Your Search

What’s the most exciting thing about travel? Maybe it’s diving into another culture’s food or learning to surf. Or maybe you just love to get away and simply relax. Whether you’re seeking adventure or in search of calm, you first have to answer a pretty big question: where should you travel next? The world is […]

Expert Guide to Vienna on a Budget

Mozart Statue in Vienna

Vienna is known for its delicate desserts and influential presence throughout Europe. From Mozart to the Habsburg Empire, Vienna has seen its share of essential history. However, Vienna is also known for being an expensive destination. If your budget doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room, don’t worry! We’ve put together this guide to enjoying […]

11 Simple but Crucial Travel Safety Tips

Airplane safety guide

We’ve traveled through 20 countries and half of the United States and can say that we’ve never felt unsafe. Does that mean we were never aware of our safety? Of course not! Taking safety precautions is a good idea no matter your destination, which is why we’d like to share some travel safety tips to […]

Essential 1 Day in Palermo Itinerary: Destination Yum!

Facade of Cathedral in Palermo

Sicily has a special place in our hearts. The street food (arancini!), spectacular Arab-Norman architecture, and a plethora of authentic sights make Palermo a true, southern Italian gem. For those with just 1 day in Palermo, we’ve put together our favorite sights in the city as well as some tasty eats! This city is bursting […]

Expert Guide: Traveling to Europe for the First Time

View of Piazza del Campo in Siena

If you’ve never traveled abroad before, Europe is a fantastic place to start. Even if you’re a seasoned wanderer of other continents, your first time traveling in Europe will be something special. But planning your trip to Europe? That can be a bit overwhelming (major understatement). You have to consider costs, travel time, where to […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Take a Career Break and Travel

Asking yourself if you should take a career break and travel? Is it right for you? Can it really work? Is it smart to do that? How does a career break even work? Do you wish we’d stop asking questions? Jokes aside, if you asked a group of people all of these questions about taking […]

How to Plan a Budget USA Road Trip: The Complete Guide

There’s nothing quite like traveling the open road. This is especially true in the United States, where national parks (state parks, too) are plentiful and magnificent. The best part about the US is how easy and budget-friendly it is to road trip. Of course, planning a road trip depends heavily on your route. Regardless of […]

Tips for Americans (or First Timers) Driving in the UK

What’s the best way to travel the UK? By car, of course! How else can you witness the splendor of the Lake District or Brecon Beacons? But wait, before we go off on a tangent about our favorite places, we’d like to focus on driving. Driving in the UK is a little different than the […]