How to Enjoy Tuscany on a Budget

Tuscany is one of the most traveled regions in Italy and with good reason! Besides the beautiful rolling hills and cyprus trees that dot the countryside, visitors can find some of the best art, architecture, and food in the world. But experiencing such things on your travels doesn’t have to be expensive! That’s why we’ve […]

TrustedHousesitters Review: Our Tips and Experience

Travelers looking for unconventional means of travel, whether to save money or to have a unique experience, have come to the right place! TrustedHousesitters offers a very special way to see the world and one that we gladly recommend you to try for yourself. You get to meet locals in your destination (your hosts), perhaps […]

Ultimate Guide to Normandy: 17 Extraordinary Things to See

France may be most known for Paris, but our favorite part of this beautiful country is Normandy. There are so many wonders in this special region of France. From famous monuments like Mont St. Michel to historic events like D-Day to the simply gorgeous countryside, travelers have much to appreciate and see in Normandy. Our […]

Things to Do in Amboise: Da Vinci and Charm

Amboise is one of the most charming places you’ll find along the river Loire in France. It’s hard to get more picturesque than this! While Amboise is on the smaller side of things, there is plenty to do to keep you entertained and enthralled. The Amboise Chateau is situated right next to the Loire and […]

6 Budget Headsets with Mic for Online Teaching in 2020

Whether you’re new to the world of teaching online or a grizzled veteran, you need reliable equipment for your class. Nothing’s worse than your headset popping with static and asking your kids to repeat over and over. Having a good headset and mic for online teaching makes you a better teacher. How does a headset […]

6 of the Best Ways to Get Around France

France is one of the largest countries on the continent and there’s A LOT to see! Seriously, there are so many gems in France besides Paris that travelers need to cover some ground to really see what this country has to offer. The cheese, wine, duck confit, steak tartare, escargot, macarons, wait…we’re just mentioning food […]

6 Smart Ways to Travel With Money

Unfortunately, for all those travel seekers out there, money has the power to make or break a trip. If all goes smoothly, the holiday is a breeze and we’re in a hurry to tell everyone back home how awesome it was. On the other hand, if we make some serious money mistakes while traveling then […]

3 Days in Vienna: What to Do, See, and Eat!

Vienna, Austria, is a place that you dream of coming back to even before you leave. Unfortunately for us, 3 days is all we had in Vienna but that didn’t stop us from having an awesome time. From delicious desserts, coffees and schnitzel to the ornate architecture that lines every street, Vienna is full of […]

Exploring Devín Castle: Ruins With a Story to Tell

Devín Castle is a wonder of its own. It comes as no surprise that it’s one of the main attractions in Bratislava, even though it’s a little outside of the city. Make no mistake, a visit to Bratislava should always include Devín Castle in the itinerary. Below are some of our favorite pictures from our […]

Ruin Pubs You Must Visit: A Night Out in Budapest

If you’ve ever searched anything like “what to do in Budapest” then you’ve probably stumbled across ruin pubs. These famous bars are practically everywhere you look in the Jewish Quarter. Famous for being a Jewish ghetto near the latter part of World War II, the Jewish Quarter was abandoned and run down until the fall […]