We were on the Nomadic Foodist podcast!

podcast microphone

Food is always at the center of our adventures. So when we had the opportunity to be guests on the Nomadic Foodist’s podcast, we jumped at the chance. For those who aren’t familiar with the Nomadic Foodist, it’s a blog and podcast dedicated to exploring the world through food and unique experiences. The host, Chris, […]

Visiting Girona, Spain: 10 Best Things to Do

While looking at accommodations for our 9-day journey in Spain, we wanted to spend some time in vibrant Barcelona, but we also wanted to venture out into Catalonia and see more of the region. With its medieval walls and architecture spread throughout the city center, delicious cuisine, and its central location in Catalonia, we were […]

3 Days in Barcelona, Spain: Exploring the Gem of Catalonia

Sagrada Familia towering over Barcelona, Spain at dusk

Our trip to Barcelona and the Catalonia region was one of our most memorable European destinations yet. With Gaudi architecture catching your eye at seemingly every corner, Barcelona is a wonderful place to explore, as well as eat! In this post, you will find our 3 day guide to Barcelona as well as some helpful […]

One Day in Rome: Self Guided Walking Tour

A bridge along the Tiber River in Rome, Italy

Is it possible to fit all of Rome’s must-see sights into a one day itinerary? Nope! However, if one day in Rome is all you have, you’re still in for an amazing 24 hours! In this post, we pull ideas from our personal experience of seeing Rome in a day and compile it into a […]

6 Computers for Teaching English Online (Budget-Friendly!)

Woman teaching English on her budget-friendly computer

Whether you’ve been teaching English online for years or you’re just now starting your remote job search, the same rule applies: you need to have a dependable computer to teach! You could be the best teacher the online world of ESL has ever seen but without some dependable hardware, it’s all for naught. That’s why […]

12 Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Housesitting

Dog posing for a picture

Housesitting is a very common way to make some nice income on the side. But what about using housesitting as a means to travel the world? It’s a super budget-friendly way to explore foreign countries (or your own!), meet locals and make furry friends. Whether you’re housesitting for a paycheck or watching someone’s home and […]

13 Reasons You Should See More than Paris in France

Eiffel Tower view in Paris, France

Are you planning a trip to France and debating what to see during your stay? It’s practically a guarantee, especially for first-timers in the country, that Paris will be on your itinerary. But is Paris a must-see in France? It’s a subjective question that will probably get a majority of “yes” answers. However, we’re not […]

Your Complete Guide to Winter in Scotland

Snow covered mountain in the Scottish Highlands overlooking a loch

What’s the best time of the year to visit Scotland? Winter! Maybe we’re a little biased since we’ve visited Scotland twice in the winter but looking back, we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There are some big questions about visiting Scotland during the colder months that travelers, including us, often have before the […]

Glenfarclas Distillery Tour and Tasting Review

Glenfarclas Distilling room

Reason enough on its own to visit Scotland, Scotch whisky is deeply rooted in the country’s past and is very much present in its culture today. There are whisky tours galore scattered about the country, from the capital city of Edinburgh to the islands and much of the highlands. However, we have a favorite in […]

6 Reasons to Visit the Czech Republic in Winter

Swans bathing in the Vltava near Charles Bridge

The Czech Republic (Czechia) is already one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Add some snow to the equation and you’ve got yourself some snowy, fairytale-like castles and Prague in the vicinity. Granted, the cold can get really cold so bundling up is required. But there’s some kind of magic about the Czech Republic […]